Product Setup

Focus on design and strategy and let the software do the repetitive work, simply set and forget

The Product setup & management module will enable teams within a brand to create new Agile products, and curate the options within a given product. Brands will be able to create templated versions of  core products which enables your customers or your internal teams to easily apply a curated set of customisation options to ensure any design created is both on-brand and production ready. 


Agile products

Automate your product design with UnmadeOS. Agile products are templated versions of your core product. UnmadeOS then enables customers or your internal teams to easily apply a curated set of customisation options to this template and automatically produces production ready information. This enables you to automate small batch orders or one off designs sold online or through your B2B channels.

Logo manager

Make managing logos easier with a less labour intensive tool and smarter workflow. Brands and factories can review and replace non-vectorised logos (i.e png, jpeg) applied to garments ordered before manufacturing. This allows the end garment to be manufactured correctly.

Colour matching

Ensure correct brand colours are used for designs with automatic colour matching. Users within the team wear and corporate wear market are likely to have pre-existing colours for their brand or team logos. When designing a custom item, this feature enables them to select from a large set of colours to match these colours while keeping the user experience of doing so simple to use.

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