Configuration Engine

Increase the speed of design and dispatch with an automated approach

The Configuration engine is a tool that enables a user to interact with products set up in Unmade. The configuration engine is the interface which sits on a brands website which allows customers to customise and create designs of your templated products. The configuration engine helps create the true-to-life previews of products before they have been made.



Change and visualise different sections of the product as you go. Choose various colour options and style combinations with an immediate preview. Easy to access and use for all user types.

Styleable for your eCommerce site

Create a consistent, beautiful and engaging experience on your ecommerce site with a theme builder that uses styleable tools which adjust colours and designs that will match your brand.

Curated options and rules

Save time, remove bottlenecks and automate. Everything you create is pre approved based on your pre configured design rules and curated options for customisation.

Connected to manufacturing

Automatically generate all the information required to enable on-demand production. What you see is what gets made, simply add to buy and that is sent to the factory to be made.

Seamless integration

Get set up and running quickly with seamless integration which makes it easy to connect Unmade to your e-commerce site, ERP, factory production and IT systems.

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