ecommerce module

Deliver an interactive customer experience  that supports product and revenue growth

The ecommerce module is an embeddable customisation tool enabling consumers to self-serve their designs through a highly engaging, on-brand customer experience.


Direct to consumer experiences

Create powerful direct to consumer experiences which drive an excellent customer experience. he interactive design and product customisation experience, is easy to use for non design users. See an increase in orders, higher margin and faster product to delivery time.

Team Roster

Easily create a  flow on your ecommerce site or in a team store for a user to upload or input a list of roster data (name/number/size). The Unmade editor then allows that same user to assign relevant data to a region on a garment and place an order  for each of the line items from the roster. 

Product visualisation

The true-to -life  visualisation tool will show the product your customers or internal teams have created instantly, with photo realistic images either on a model or just the product itself. No more need for samples, it's on brand and retail ready.

Seamless integration

Easy to get on site and matches with  your brand and design styles with ease. Photography, typography and styling can be themed to seamlessly match the brand’s site delivering an innovative, on-brand experience.

Fully responsive

Provide a full responsive customer experience on your ecommerce site. Unmades brand styleable integration is fully functional on mobile and desktop.

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