Manufacturing Engine

Improve manufacturing efficiency by connecting your ecommerce directly with production

The Unmade Manufacturing Engine is the underlying technology that generates production files by combining a base file template with the design choices made in the editing interface within the Order Portal or the Ecommerce Module. The resulting files are made available to a factory via Unmade's Factory Order Management System or via API.


Production ready files

Allow factory teams to focus on what they do best, producing products. Factory files are delivered print or knit ready with visuals and stock codes, eliminating any artwork involvement needed by factories, minimising the risk of errors and reducing the cost of production.

Order Management system

Unmade's Factory Order Management System has an easy to navigate UI. Designed to provide all the information factories require to manage and manufacture custom orders at scale.

Shipping integration

Reduce shipping cost and improve lead time with an all in one design to shipping solution that  enable your factories to pack and label products for shipping. UnmadeOS requests the shipping label directly from the carrier and makes it available for printing.

Auto generated job tickets

Have the right information to hand, and avoid errors with full production information and auto generated job tickets of the product ready to produce. UnmadeOS connects seamlessly with your factory partners and their systems via an API.

Intelligent batching

Organise orders into sequences to ensure the correct factories and machines receive the correct products. Workflows can be set up to work the way that the factory prefers.


Wanting to use your existing factory systems? Flexible , Unmade's API is set up so you can integrate whichever systems you need in no time at all. We provide detailed documentation and support to help you connect.

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