agile products

Increase your speed to market with digital design templates

Agile products or digital design templates are silhouettes of your core products. They're uploaded into UnmadeOS with a pre-approved set of design configurations. They enable commercial teams or your customers to customise and design manufacturable apparel. UnmadeOS ensures any design variation created is both on-brand and production ready. The agile products can generate instant true to life visualisation of a design before they are manufactured.


Automation of design

Agile products automate repetitive design tasks that slow down the product development process. This enables commercial teams or your customers to easily design or customise manufacturable apparel online. UnmadeOS ensures that any variation created is both on-brand and production ready.

Creation of manufacturing files

UnmadeOS automatically generates production ready files and sends them to the right factory. The files help reduce the risk of error, or any additional artwork involvement. This helps provide the ability to react faster to real time market demand.

Curated options and design configurations

We work with designers & product developers to create a kit of parts or menu of options. While these can be updated at any time, designers only need to do this once in the initial set up. The automation built into the templates enable brands to create and approve new product variations within minutes, compared to traditional processes which often takes several months

True to life visualisation

Automatically generate photorealistic visuals of your new designs instantly. No more need for samples, just true to life on model images of designs before they've been manufactured. You can get to market faster using these retail-ready sales and marketing assets to put on your e-commerce site, no need to wait for samples and photo shoots.

Enable your merchandising, sales, ecommerce or customers to easily create products that are always on-brand and production ready. 

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