Fashion Technology
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The next step in customization

We enable customizable products to be manufactured on an industrial scale.

Our Vision

Fashion is about expressing your individuality through the clothes you wear, but current industrial manufacturing fails to account for this. Clothes are designed for the ‘average’ meaning many products are not fit for purpose. The result is overproduction, heavy discounting and waste, impacting companies’ bottom lines and the environment.
 Unmade is the industrial solution to change this.

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How it works

Our system is made from three key elements: Personalisation editors, ecommerce integration and on-demand manufacturing. These enable partners to take customized designs straight to production, for the same unit cost as mass production.


Personalisation Editors

Personalisation editors allow customers to directly modify the clothes they buy, before they are made. Change colours, shift patterns and add monograms to create pieces that retain a designer’s original aesthetic, but are unique to the individual.


Ecommerce Integration

Our personalisation editors can be integrated with existing ecommerce solutions, so customers can buy unique products alongside pre-made stock in the same purchase.


On-Demand manufacturing

Once orders are placed and paid for, Unmade’s factory partners move into action. We enable existing knitwear factories to add unique orders alongside existing bulk production to enable one-offs at the same unit cost as mass production.


Making the tools of factory production available at the click of a mouse, with no penalty for short productions runs.

Unmade is out to change the fashion industry, one knit at a time.

One of the top 10 startups in London.