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Michael wears “I’m Feeling Lucky” tee.
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'Type Something' oversize tee
Ellinor is wearing “Type Something” tee.

Digital Identity

The Internet is our playground. A place for a new kind of discourse, giving us room to chat and explore. A snap encounter, a roulette for discussion, the Internet allows us to cross borders, to challenge and explore new identities - it’s a space to define ourselves.

Unmade was born from the Internet. Our mission is to change the way clothes are purchased and made. Why settle for clothing that’s designed for everyone but made for no-one?

Our latest project is a celebration of our search for a digital identity through the aesthetic of stripes, made real by our revolutionary technology. Crossing the standard line drawn by the fashion industry, we invite you to define your own clothing. Type something to create a unique design with a hidden message, search for a new set of stripes - or if you’re feeling lucky, let the Internet decide.

'Search' crop sweater
Ellinor is wearing “Search” crop sweater in cotton.
Ellinor wears “Type Something” sweater in cotton.
Michael is wearing “Search” tee.
'Type Something' tee
Ellinor is wearing “Type Something” tee.
'Search' crop sweater 'Search' crop sweater 'Search' crop sweater
Ellinor is wearing “Search” crop sweater in cotton.

MODEL Michael Algeborg @ Nisch
MODEL Ellinor Arveryd @ Nisch

STYLIST Madeleine Østlie
MAKEUP Roberta Kearsey
HAIR Ashley Lambe
SET DESIGN Scarlet Winter