Software to streamline small batch order design and delivery

Scale special make-up products like co-collaboration opportunities, capsule collections, event apparel, and B2B orders with a fully integrated platform.

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Make special make-up
manufacture look ordinary

Make merchandising
unplanned moments easy

From connected customer to true brand collaborator, make your customer the hero. Our intuitive customization tool allows infinite production-ready variations – best in class customization.

Make small-scale production cycles
scalable and repeatable

From short-run test-and-learn SMUs to rapid repeat orders of popular lines - you can move from design to delivery in days. Fully-automated manufacture with intelligent batching makes even short runs cost-effective and efficient.

Drive more digital sales with effective end-to-end ecommerce workflow

Drive more sales from your existing ranges with our ecommerce tool that puts the customer in control. Customers can visualise, order and track orders using the tool online or in-store.

case study

New Balance: Boston College

Special make-up with on-demand replenishment for a new key account


Catch the moment and stay in control

Whether it’s catching the latest trend, nailing a marketing moment, or trialling test-and-learn products, with Unmade everything stays beautifully on-brand.

Curate colour and pattern stories and make them available for limited time - creating scarcity and exclusivity around custom products.

Keep it on brand, every time,
with Unmade design kits

Set up a base template with our design kit and create infinite on-brand designs from a single file. Every digitised product variation is instantly manufacturable and the rules engine ensures only on brand products are put into production.

Perfect products, without
product development expertise

Forget designers - and sampling. Anyone can visualise, share and order new designs, based on existing templates. Bring your yet-to-be-made products to life and market them before they’re made with photo-realistic, true-to-life visualisations.

Empower internal teams to
place custom orders - instantly

By curating pre-approved agile products, you can empower brand teams, merchandisers, sales teams or store managers to autonomously create products and place orders directly - without needing your design teams’ approval.


Make small, exclusive and hyperlocal manufacture mangeable

Drive brand relevance, engagement and meet the needs of a broad customer base. From differentiated products for different markets to exclusive products and collaborations with no minimum orders, Unmade’s end-to-end workflow unlocks the potential of special make up.

Profitable production

Automated batching keeps unit costs down even for small runs, and improves profitability. You can easily group orders into capsules or collections for easy access and repeat orders.

Transparent tracking

Unmade intelligently organises and queues jobs across multiple machines, factories and regions. All orders are automatically assigned to factories and fully trackable at every stage.

Streamlined shipping

Use our optional shipping module to support shipping direct from the factory. The system can automatically generate the airway bill for all orders, as well as relevant customs documentation.

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