Rethink Your Supply Chain with Made To Order and Reduce surplus Stock with Unmade

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Cut Waste, Increase Sales

Reduce your carbon footprint while becoming more sustainable and in line with today’s consumer’s expectations as you repurpose your surplus with made to order software that gives you greener credentials.

Offer More, Sell More

Give your customers a unique shopping experience that gives them control of design and allows for creation of unique garments that are completely bespoke to the individual in style and size.

Collaborate and Connect

Let us become the perfect partner to deliver all the benefits of your end-to-end made to order software. Reduce your spend while increasing your services, bringing a personalised facility to your consumers.

What is Made to Order?

Instead of attempting to predict market trends, you can now react in real time by offering customers, sports teams and individuals, online design functionality that personalises apparel and sportswear and makes it unique. This keeps you constantly up to date with current demand while delivering a personalised service that gives you a competitive edge.

How Does Made to Order Work?

We work with your current set up to integrate the UnmadeOS platform which then offers real time customisation through your own website. This revolutionary SaaS software communicates with your factory directly to allow for fast production and shipping for individual custom orders.

Why Is Made to Order the Future?

Customers feel an affinity with their apparel and sportswear and are seeking ways to make it unique to them. As the omnichannel experience offers unlimited choice consumers now desire control over designs of their outfit. This service keeps you in the forefront of the customer’s mind while relieving you of stagnant stock as it becomes reborn as personalised garments.

As you future proof your business with the Unmade software, consumers look to futureproof the planet through their buying choices. Sustainability is now expected along with a concerted effort to reduce waste and emissions. Made to order facilities let you upcycle unused but stagnant materials while the consumer produces an on trend piece of apparel that they’re proud to wear.

case study

New Balance: Boston College

Special make-up with on-demand replenishment for a new key account

The Benefits of Made to Order

You reduce waste, minimise your carbon footprint and display your commitment to the future of our planet while fortuitously increasing sales and practising a more sustainable way of production that eliminates waste.

Customers now demand more from their retailers and actively seek out brands and businesses that are committed to preserving our planet. Repurposing dormant stock through personalisation and a made to order you show you care about the consumer’s concerns and your own carbon footprint. 

In addition to the positive environmental impact of made to order clothing, you also benefit from increased sales and consumer loyalty. Reduce risk and remove the guesswork from sales trends with a complete software that makes the most of your entire inventory.

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