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Create Sports Kit Easily with the Unmade Kit Designer

Unmade OS enables sports teams to create their very own bespoke customised teamwear while seeing their design come to life instantly online.

The Unmade kit designer uses an optimised unique product configuration tool to work with your brand on your website, giving customers the ultimate control over their sportswear.

With the powerful high-definition instant visualisation tool creators see their kit come to life as they easily navigate through the simple functions to produce personalised teamwear sporting your brand.

In minutes your customers will see their very own sportswear on screen, a product of their own imagination, as they use the unrivalled Unmade kit designer tool.

case study

New Balance

Custom teamwear for the North American market

Why Do Your Customers Want to Create Their Own Kit?

The Unmade kit designer tool puts your customers in control of their clothes, giving them pride in their teamwear while saving them time and money.

Customers love producing their own personalised kit and seeing it come to life as they easily flow through the design process. Unmade OS delivers incredible choice to teams, allowing them to create at well within parameters set by you. Their creations still display your brand proudly, while being made integral to teams with embroidery, embellishments and
customisation bespoke to the team.

This ease of designing and ordering creates loyalty with your brand while making it simple to order extras, replacements, and additions as required. Free up designer’s time and put
the customer in control, allowing them to form an attachment to the apparel before it leaves the warehouse.

A Clever Kit Designer for Any Sport

The Unmade Kit Designer OS will work with any sport, enabling your customers to create football teamwear, basketball shirts, rugby tops and much more through the powerful cloud-based customisation tool. They can add names, numbers, logos, and motifs or even change the background design and colours. This all works seamlessly with your factory, using colours you already stock while communicating efficiently to produce much loved teamwear that reduces your carbon footprint and cuts waste.

Brands Benefit from Putting the Customer in Control

The Unmade kit designer gives your brand the edge while giving the customer what they now expect. You offer the most up to date, visually stunning way for consumers to adapt your apparel to suit their personal and team demands.

This not only raises the average basket value but also the lifetime value of each customer as they become loyal to your brand by becoming an integral part of the design process.

You can ensure no stock goes unloved as each garment is admired and anticipated before its shipped, while sales teams can take advantage of the easy-to-use software creating full
team kits in minutes.

You become more sustainable while reducing waste, your customers feel appreciated and listened to. Designers free up time and sales team profit, it all makes sense with Unmade!

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