Software to automate your custom teamwear business

Free up time for sales and design teams by engaging customers with their own teamwear designs.

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Digitise and streamline your custom teamwear operations

Open up smaller team sizes with
self-serve ecommerce

Our embeddable customisation tool lets team customers self-serve via your ecommerce, to lower MOQs and reduce manual intervention.

Grow your teamwear business without growing your design team

Set up your agile product and create infinite team designs from a single style at no extra cost. Forget endless manual input and artworking. Curate your team customisation options and set your customer or sales rep free.

Cost-effective customisation

Unmade dynamically creates manufacturing-ready files and intelligently organises production to drive speed. Delivering a cost-effective and scalable teamwear offer from 1 unit upwards.

case study

New Balance

Custom teamwear for the North American market


Drive brand loyalty with accurate visualisation and seamless production

The Unmade visualisation tool provides a 100% accurate representation of every design choice and can showcase it in 2D, 3D, and even on your favourite athlete.

To ensure a great customer experience without endless manual intervention, Unmade can deliver an automated workflow through the whole process from their first design through to fulfilment.

Intuitive customisation and ecommerce options

Let team customers self-serve including support for logo upload, locked designs and roster information.

True-to-life visualisations

Products are showcased photo-realistically, including 3D and on-model representations, so what they see is what they get.

Automated workflows

From factory to fulfilment, automation reduces error rates and speeds up delivery times.

02 scalable options

3 flexible approaches for your custom teamwear flow

Different situations need different levels of customisation. Unmade’s platform and tools let you balance unbridled customer creativity with stricter curation and brand control.

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Self serve1-50

Allow your customer to self-serve for custom teamwear

Small orders are possible and profitable with a self-serve approach.

Our embeddable customisation tool enables customers to fully self-serve.

Intuitive design experience specifically for teamwear products.

No sales rep input needed.

Requires integration with APIs to support flow through your ecommerce and ERP systems. Microsite option also available.

Empowered Sales Team50-200

Give your sales reps the tools they need to succeed

Online customisation tool speeds up customer interactions and remove the back and forth.

Co-design live with a customer or prepare tester designs for review and approval.

Everything shown on screen is 100% accurate and manufacturable.

No additional artworking factory side.

Account Management200+

Allow your internal team to create, validate and place custom teamwear orders directly into production

A full set of tools to support your sales reps with larger accounts.

Quickly create compelling, realistic team kit mock-ups to win an account.

Place orders into production and track their status.

Use our bespoke visualisation tool to create instant photorealistic imagery for your most valuable accounts.


Fast, scalable and trackable – from design to shipping

Profitable production

Automated batching - for product and artwork   allows for production efficiency - keeping unit costs down even for small runs, and improving the product lines profitability.

Pro-active product management

Easily and practively manage your custom teamwear range with our easy to use admin tool. Quickly update customisation options to reflect your latest offer and provide seasonal and event variations.

Streamlined shipping

Optional shipping module enables direct from factory shipping, generation of airway bill and customs documentations and allows break bulk shipments.

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