Reimagining Supply and Demand for a Digital Future

Reimagining Supply and Demand for a Digital Future


There are big changes afoot in the global fashion world. Where once our customers followed trends, they are now driving the biggest changes we can see across the industry.

Savvy, conscious consumers are demanding seamless, exciting digital experiences. The ‘Amazon effect’ has reached fashion - consumers expect personalisation, frictionless online service and fast delivery.

The empowered fashion customer has more access to information about where their garments are made and the impact of production on local economies and the environment. Sustainability is no longer the preserve of niche brands and is growing in influence.

Perhaps most importantly, the fashion supply chain is broken. Production is disconnected from demand.

Our manufacturing systems and processes from thirty years ago are not fit for purpose in a changing digital world and our once-untouchable seasonal approach to collections is changing, as brands explore changing collection schedules, with increasing focus on limited editions.

At Unmade, we’re working with the brands and innovators that are responding to these challenges.

Where does that leave brands?

We know fashion brands are struggling to innovate quickly enough to adjust to these new production pain points, leaving themselves open to disruption from more agile and visionary competitors - and fast. It doesn’t need to be all bad news, however. We believe we’re at a pivotal time for the industry - and an exciting one.

Our vision is to drive the fashion industry towards a new model, one that puts the customer at the centre of the buying experience and reduces production waste.

Dynamic brands with a genuine desire to collaborate with their customers are exploring ways to use clever technology and embrace the cultural shifts needed to reimagine the fashion experience.

If we can do this, together we can redefine the fashion industry for this generation and the next.

To begin, we must deconstruct the fashion supply and demand process in its entirety.

Insight from the Fashion Frontline

Welcome to our first content series, as we take you through the changing fashion supply chain in more detail.

Unmade is already working with some of the world’s most recognisable names in fashion, to empower innovators in the fashion industry to develop deeper customer relationships, set themselves apart as technology pioneers, improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Let us share our insights as we outline how the landscape is changing and why, and share exclusive content into how your brand can stay relevant and competitive in a changing digital world.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll get our insider view on:

  • Digital disruption in fashion
  • The rising tide of sustainability
  • The role of technology as a driver but also an enabler of change

We’ll also be talking to members of the Unmade senior team for expert, on-the-ground views from the fashion frontline.

We’ll start with sales director Bruno Mattia, who embodies the increasing nexus between fashion and technology in 2019. With over 15 years’ experience working in fashion and a background in engineering, Bruno is perfectly placed to take the pulse of digital disruption in fashion. Don’t miss his insights from networks across Europe and the US - they make for fascinating reading.