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Cycling enthusiasts can now design and order unique cycling clothing on the Sportful website with UnmadeOS

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Sportful is now offering cycling enthusiasts the option to customise and create unique cycling apparel directly on their website via UnmadeOS, the software for on-demand apparel design and manufacturing. By visiting the custom section on the Sportful website, customers can customise their cycling apparel across multiple products, including colour, patterns, logos, sizes and more.

Unmade integrates with the Sportful website via an iframe integration and showcases the designed products in a photorealistic visualisation that allows customers to interact with the Sportful brand and their own creation. UnmadeOS automatically generates production ready files and layplans that go straight to the right factory and into production, eliminating any artwork involvement needed by factories, minimising the risk of errors and increasing their speed to market. Now that each garment is produced on-demand with Unmade, Sportful can offer a true on-demand custom offer and reduce their environmental footprint in its drive for sustainability.

Custom designs from a single order of one all the way to large teamwear orders can be designed and purchased directly on the Sportful website. Teamwear customers have the option to design their cycling jersey and submit their order via the website without contacting Sportful’s in-house teams. Customers can also share unique web links to their own designs with cycling friends and family - each webshop stays open a week after creation.

This is a transformational technology that let's us come to an on-demand production. It opens up so many opportunities that can fundamentally change our business model.

Steve Smith, Sportful Head of Cycling

The ability to see what you get before it is made is central to UnmadeOS, and Sportful have taken this to a new level with great art direction, and exciting new B2B use cases which show how disruptive this program can be to cycle apparel

Ben Alun-Jones, Unmade Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

About Sportful

Sportful is a global leader of the bespoke cycling jersey offer for cycling teams and professionals and the brand is extending this offer directly to customers to make custom jerseys more accessible and to engage customers on a new level. Drawing on its heritage legacy and its emphasis on style stemming from the brand’s design DNA, the Sportful team is introducing unique design patterns and colour palettes for its website custom offer launch.