Rapha Custom

Unmade’s end-to-end technology solution for teamwear delivers a seamless process from design to manufacture, maintaining brand identity for custom product using a collaborative approach.

Rapha selected Unmade as their technology partner to deliver a customisable team range designed to disrupt the current custom cycling market, by offering world-class products and revolutionary design experiences for users.

The market was crying out for a design-led and fully digital customer experience that was seamless in manufacturing and delivery. Unmade's software provides us with a best-in-class system that is fully automated and integrated throughout the entire process.
Ed Clifford, Rapha CTO

About Rapha

Founded by Simon Mottram in London in 2004, Rapha exists to make cycling the most popular sport in the world. For 15 years, Rapha has been making the finest cycling clothing and organising rides and events for passionate cyclists around the world. Shared expertise and passion for the sport have led to an unparalleled product that performs in all temperatures and weather conditions.


Rapha’s objective was to create a custom offer to enter the cycling team kit market. Nearly half of all cycle clothing today is customised but mostly for large professional teams. Custom team kits have traditionally required high manual involvement in the design and production process, resulting in error-prone production and long lead times, making it unaffordable for small teams.

Rapha saw an opportunity to engage with smaller teams to allow them to create quality team kits but at much smaller minimums and to offer a much improved customer experience. They wanted to offer a digital solution that was fully automated and didn’t require manual steps or costly artworking on the production side, at the same time as offering the user a great quality design experience in keeping with Rapha’s brand identity.

Rapha Custom: Powered by Unmade

Unmade’s Teamwear Solution

Unmade’s end to end team technology solution for teamwear delivers a Seamless process from design to manufacture, maintaining brand identity for custom product using a collaborative approach.


Rapha’s customers can create a complete team kit of the finest cycling clothing with limitless options and hundreds of colours and layouts. The customisation platform provides easy to use templates as starting points and enables users to upload their own logos to a full range of team kit. Uniquely positioned against other tools of this kind, the platform captures riders’ imagination by showing previews of their designs, on a model and on location. At the end of the design process designs can be added to a team portal which can be shared between teammates.

Unmade were the only digital partner suitable for Rapha who are very creative in their aesthetic in terms of the photography we use and the visual identity we wanted to keep. The way that Unmade could ensure that remained in Rapha’s control was really important to us
Ed Clifford, Rapha CTO