Client profile Farfetch: world’s largest online luxury fashion retailer. Founder José Neves.

His company enjoyed gross sales of $800m (£618m) in 2016 and he wants to stay in front, by always looking for new experiences and efficiencies for customers and brands.

Our true ambition is to change the way the world shops for fashion and, by doing that, make fashion more exciting, creative and diverse
José Neves, Farfetch CEO


Neves says: "We wanted to find a way of offering luxury and bespoke products to an audience who are increasingly knowledgeable about style and quality."

Today sees an explosion of choice. Though Farfetch offers an unparalleled selection, its customers seek more and demand different. They want something unique and customisation meets this brief.

It is a growing fashion trend and offers attractive high-margins for retailers. One in five consumers interested in customisation will pay a 20% premium for the service. Retailers embrace the concept of personalisation to drive sales and loyalty. But at the same time, 33% of retail executives lack the human resources to make it happen and 26% say their organisation lacks the strategic knowledge. Business and technical challenges means brands struggle to offer customisation in-house, whatever the benefits.


Unmade technology smoothed away these challenges for Farfetch, after just two weeks of working with teams across the company.

Farfetch gained a suite of tools and integrations, which:

  • adds customisation to existing e-commerce platforms.
  • lets consumers buy user-defined product alongside pre-made stock.
  • generates automated instructions to manufacture the results, on-demand.
  • The company’s senior leadership also saw the potential of the Unmade customisation editor to grow the power and flexibility of the Farfetch platform, for brands and consumers.
Customisation is the first step in replacing the individuality lost by industrialisation. Our aim is to build the technologies and tools to make bespoke an industrial reality.
Ben Alun-Jones, Unmade co-founder

V&A collection

A customisable knitwear capsule collection, made in collaboration with cult US brand Opening Ceremony, was the first test. The collection won critical praise – and achieved double the targeted sales in the first month alone.

This [collaboration] is more than just playing designer. It gives our global customer the opportunity to create something one-of-a-kind and totally bespoke to accommodate their style and needs. We are excited to offer this merge of luxury and innovation to our global online customer.
Candice Fragis, Farfetch buying and merchandising director