System integration


At every point in the process, data flows between Unmade architecture, your systems and your partner systems.


Customisation in place
The process begins with Unmade technology in your product index page. First, customisable items are added. The Unmade CE (customisation editor) launches from your PDP (product description page) as an iframe. This powerful UI (user interface) is styled to match your brand UI and allows consumers to customise unique items.

Orders managed
Bespoke orders can make demands on your ecomms, stock management and order tracking. Unmade takes control throughout.

This includes: 

  • creating unique design IDs
  • managing data for your checkout flow, ERP (enterprise resource planning) or OMS (order management system)
  • compiling unique design details, which capture the manufacturing DNA of each bespoke item
  • creating SKUs (stock keeping units). 

Tracked from sale to shipping
The powerful Unmade order management system (OMS) ensures that orders become real items in your partner factories. The OMS includes all the paperwork that your factory and shipping partners require, from manufacturing specifications to waybilling documents. Unmade's technology monitors the integration between your ecomm, the CE, the OMS, and your partner factories, so each item's status can be identified at every step.

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