Mapping garment


It looks neutral. But the Unmade mapping garment allows items to look true to life however they are customised.

When photographed, the Unmade mapping garment conveys information to a computer that allows every consumer customisation to be interwoven into the image, seamlessly.

The light is always right. The design is always true.

Use mapping garments for your photoshoots and suddenly your consumers can see their edits on models, in whatever scenario you’ve chosen for your photoshoots. Outdoors, in work, at a party.

Images look authentically photographic. Shadows and curves are in the right place, and fabric falls naturally, whatever the size, colour or customisation.

What they see is what they get. And your product detail pages and photoshoots suddenly have limitless potential.

how it work mapping poster frame

If you’d like more precise technical detail about how the mapping garment works, please get in touch.