Factory OMS


Bespoke orders can disrupt factories. The Unmade OMS ensures your factory partner can meet these challenges: providing accurate information, in the correct format, at the right time.

Unmade Factory OMS

Planning done

The Unmade OMS does the prep work for you. It groups similar bespoke orders and calculates the best production schedule to keep your machines busy and production cost-effective. Unique items, from the same machines, with no labour-intensive reprogramming. Knitting-machine files, embroidery files and graphic print files are sent as ZIP files.

Paperwork shared

Paperwork from the Unmade OMS gives your factory partners power. PDFs with the full item specs ensure they can see details of each order, including the unique ID and a preview of the finished knit. 

Unique ID knitted in

Every bespoke item can be identified by a unique ID knitted or stitched into the bottom waste of each panel. This name tag stays with the item on its journey around the factory, until it is removed towards the end of the process.

Shipping, sorted

Shipping is the final, vital step and the Unmade OMS helps factories ensure the right item is wrapped, packed and shipped to the right consumer. Air waybilling information is with the order throughout.
Throughout, Unmade monitors the status of integration between your systems and your factory partners.