Customization editor


With the Unmade customization editor, consumers see exactly what they are going to get. Before it has even been made. 

We work with your brand designers to give consumers a deeper, more immersive experience. Swipe, tap, click or drag - editing is easy and intuitive for consumers, while your brand look and feel stay authentic.

No clumsy, rendered graphics lost in white space. No 'preview' thumbnails. 

Zoom down to the individual stitch or the grain of a leather bag. Unmade provides a level of detail that inspires trust in your brand. 

What they see is what they get. And your product detail pages and photoshoots suddenly have limitless potential.



Rotate the graphic to change how colours merge


Pinch the grid to make lines bend and stretch


Drag to disrupt a traditional houndtooth


Drag and adjust the scale of the pattern


Tap to add a splat, or two, or more!