Fashion Collaboration Digital tools enabling the world’s leading fashion designers to engage with their customers in a deeper way via customisation.

“We are huge supporters of companies that use technologies in interesting ways to elevate fashion, and when we learnt about Unmade we felt at instant connection.”

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, founders of Opening Ceremony

Executive Summary

Opening Ceremony, one of fashion’s most forward-thinking labels, has used Unmade's technologies to create a capsule collection of knitwear that can be modified by each and every customer to create a unique piece. This means a virtually unlimited range where each garment retains the identity of this iconic brand, but is defined by the customer’s choice.

Opening Ceremony New York store.jpg Opening Ceremony x UMd Farfetch editorial


Cult US brand Opening Ceremony has firmly established its reputation as a leading industry tastemaker, retailing its own designs alongside an impressive portfolio of cutting-edge brands. Regularly collaborating with other designers, their creative and curatorial genius has attracted a community of fans worldwide. Opening Ceremony wanted to take their collaborative model a step further by involving their customers directly in the creation of their clothes, giving them an outlet through which to unleash their own creativity and engage with the brand in a deeper way.


Opening Ceremony are reacting to a changing marketplace and the shifting desires and demands of young consumers. The millennial customers, who make up the majority of their fan base, look for personalised experiences, particularly online, and a deeper connection with the products and brands they buy. Rather than buying product off-the-shelf, millennials are looking for unique products and experiences.

Opening Ceremony have found success with their ever-changing range of collaborations, but the pace of design work required is difficult to keep up with. What if they could create a system for producing unique product that carried the distinctive Opening Ceremony hallmark, but could be unique to each customer?

OC Men's Crew 1
Opening Ceremony Crew 2 Opening Ceremony x UMd Crew Sweater


Unmade’s patented technology unleashed the ability for Opening Ceremony to involve every customer in the online creation of unique made to order designer knitwear.

Opening Ceremony founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon were immediately excited by the possibilities Unmade’s technology brought to their brand. Unmade worked closely with Opening Ceremony’s design team to develop a customisable knitwear capsule collection around their classic knit styles. They took inspiration from traditional knit motifs, creating a series of trompe l’oeil patterns, and a bespoke monogram alphabet.

Unmade’s technology allowed Opening Ceremony to establish a set of on-brand parameters for each garment, whilst inviting their customers to exercising their own creativity and become an integral part of the collaboration.

“Customisation is the first step in replacing the individuality lost by industrialisation. Our aim is to build the technologies and tools to make bespoke an industrial reality. In terms of its importance to the wider industry, I think it’s crucial that fashion and retail develop greater responsiveness to the needs and demands of the customer. Our collaboration with Opening Ceremony shows how this is no longer a niche idea but can work commercially, expanding the abilities of the designer and increasing the involvement of the customer.”

Ben Alun-Jones, founder and Creative Director, Unmade

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