eCommerce Integration Enabling brands to offer customisation on the world's #1 luxury e-commerce site and manufacture the results.

“We wanted to find a way of offering luxury and bespoke products to an audience who is increasingly knowledgeable about style and quality.”

José Neves, founder and CEO, Farfetch

Executive Summary

Unmade has enabled Farfetch's customers to personalise product from the world’s leading brands and add-to-basket alongside existing orders. Creating an automated pipeline from order to manufacture, to shipping directly to the customer, partner factories are turned into distribution centres, meaning unique product can be delivered to the customer within three weeks.


In an ever-competitive luxury market, Farfetch, the world’s largest luxury fashion e-commerce retailer with total sales looking to reach $800 million in 2016, are constantly looking for new experiences and efficiencies to offer to customers and brands. “Our true ambition is to change the way the world shops for fashion, says founder José Neves, “and by doing that make fashion more exciting, creative and diverse.”

Opening Ceremony x UMd on Farfetch


With today’s explosion of choice, online shoppers are on the lookout for something different. In terms of options, the selection available on Farfetch is unparalleled, however customers are starting to demand more, wanting something truly unique - which is where customisation steps in. Customisation is a growing trend in fashion and not only answers consumers' needs, but is an attractive, high-margin product for retailers - one in five consumers indicated they would pay a ~20% premium for customised goods. 

However many brands are struggling to offer this in-house, due to the complex business and technical challenges it entails. According to Drapers' 2016 Personalisation Report, 33% of executives cited they lacked the human resource to implement it, and 26% said there was a lack of strategic knowledge of personalisation in their organisation.

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Opening Ceremony x UMd Farfetch Editorial Womens


Unmade has built a suite of tools and integrations to add customisation into existing e-commerce platforms, selling user-defined product alongside pre-made stock, and then turning this into the automated instructions to manufacture the results on-demand.

The Farfetch senior leadership decided that Unmade’s customisation engine would be a valuable solution to grow the power and flexibility of the Farfetch platform for brands and customers. Unmade worked closely with multiple teams across Farfetch to deliver a complex integration in just two weeks. The first results - an exclusive customisable knitwear capsule collection made in collaboration with cult US brand Opening Ceremony - have already won a host of plaudits, as well as achieving double the targeted sales in the first month alone.

Every customer order is sent via Unmade’s order management systems to a partner factory, where product is made within three weeks. By manufacturing these orders on-demand and shipping directly to customers, Unmade transforms partner factories into distribution centres, further streamlining the fashion supply chain and delivering faster response times for customers.

"The collaboration between Opening Ceremony and UMd offers a completely unique shopping experience within our dynamic platform. This is more than just playing designer - it gives our global customer the opportunity to create something one-of- a-kind and totally bespoke to accommodate their style and needs. We are excited to offer this merge of luxury and innovation to our global online customer."

Candice Fragis, Buying and Merchandising Director, Farfetch

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